Im 37 year old male,Normal BMI,No alcohol or smoking. At age of 27, i had lot of acid reflux and endoscopy results came gastritis and i was taking PPI which kept under control. However when i eat fatty/oil foods at restaurants i used to get severely bloated and i have to burp a lot.  In 2011, i started getting occasional pain to the mid right under the rib along with lot of burping. Hida scan results where biliary Dyskenisia where my gall bladder is not functioning at 0% ejection fraction, ultrasound showed no stones, from there on i got lot of digestion issues like frequent bloating ,burping and Dizziness every other week.  Last year, i got severe bloating and burping, ultrasound showed multiple gallstones.  Met the surgeon , he do said i need to get the gallbladder out, but he feels all my stomach issues wont be resolved as i also have gastritis.  My main symptoms are frequent stomach bloating with lot of burping and dizziness with extreme fatigue. I'm 37 but i feel like 70 year old, is there any one with these symptoms and undergone surgery and got relief. The only chances i see is removing my gallbladder. Looking for a life changing decision.Appreciate if any one having this issue and surgery  and it worked or not.