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Dear Readers, when we  quit smoking it seems that one in thirty people will get sores on their tongue. This is part of the nicotine withdrawal. I found GLYCERIN seems to be a good remedy for sore tongue. For, it is a skin softener. Apply it directly on the tongue, it’s safe to put in the mouth.However, you don't have to swallow it, the pain will go away within two minutes. Duration of the sore depends person to person.                                                                      

Lump in the throat is symptom of acid reflex. If you have or were diagnosed with acid reflex  when you quit smoking your acid reflex will go in over drive. Nevertheless, it gets better in a short time. Just hang in there your body is just healing it self. -Good Luck 


I like the sound of Glycerin, my doctor suggested a tin of syruped pears and rest a slice on my tongue when needed. It worked well :)

Other methods can include swilling your mouth with rum! (I quite liked the sound of that one).

Just one little thing though, this condition is not due to nicotine withdrawel.

Its due to the fact that whilst smoking you were literally smoking your tongue and gums (think of the 'crust' on a smoked bit of fish). After quitting the 'crust' breaks down and is washed away, leaving your gums and tongue open to air for the first time in years. You have a new mouth now! :)

The important part now is to keep your oral hygiene in check. All this 'unsmoked' rough and raw skin can easily get infected if damaged.