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Giving up smoking can be quite a challenge, the mere thought of which might want you to take a puff or two. Read on to know more about some effective foods that will help you quit this habit comfortably.

The decision to quit the butt is perhaps your first step in the journey to quit. The other steps are conquered using various methods. From conventional ones like nicotine patches and prescribed medicines, to finding support groups in friends and family or working out to keep your mind otherwise occupied.

To make the journey a little smoother, here are diet tips that will help you to quit.

Plenty of Liquids

Plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and even herbal tea, have slowly grown synonymous with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that they help you in your fight here as well. 

Along with its countless benefits, these keep your body hydrated and full, which in turn keeps you from getting tempted to have a smoke.

Salty foods

It may sound a little odd but eating some salty food or just placing a bit of salt on the tip of your tongue goes a big way in reducing the urge for nicotine.

So, the next time you are close to giving in to the urge of taking a puff just grab some (and I do mean a small quantity) french fries, popcorn, chips or a piece of salty cheese and munch on that instead.


Some common spices found in our daily cooking like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric also help you beat the temptation.

Cinnamon helps through both the sense of smell and taste. The fragrance of a cinnamon stick helps mimic a flavorful cigarette. Chewing on smaller pieces of cinnamon helps with the craving as well.

Chewing on a bit of ginger is an excellent way to help you forget about smoking. Of course, your taste pallet would like it more if a spoon of sugar or honey accompanies the ginger.


Both dried and fresh fruits have proven to play a helpful role in the battle to quit smoking. Fruits high in fiber, like apples help you feel full. This in turn reduces your urge to smoke a cigarette.

Berries like blueberries, strawberries and mulberries help in your quest to quit the unhealthy habit.  The fragrance of dried fruits simply helps reduce the craving to smoke.


Good news for people who love dark chocolates! Along with being great for your heart, brain and skin; dark chocolate also plays a helping hand when you try to quit smoking.

Vitamin C 

When you smoke, your body slowly starts getting depleted of Vitamin C. This leaves you with a shortage, which nicotine then fills. Eating foods that contain vitamin C like Guava, tomatoes, lemons and oranges will help decrease the urge to smoke.

It is important to remember that the journey you undertake to quit smoking is not going to be simple one. Every day will bring a new challenge.

You should keep reminding yourself what fueled your decision to quit. Willpower and dedication will help you to successfully work these tips through. And if nothing works you can opt for e-cigarettes – the safest and healthiest substitute to smoking.

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