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Okay, So Last Yr around this same time I lost my was forced and I bled alot. So much so, Coils of blood was coming out of my vagina since obviously I was stiff and it was forced at first I wasnt sure how long one bleeds after they first have sex but when 4 hrs went by I started gettin Dizzy and knew I needed emergency...The whole bed was red and Ive never seen so much blood in my life!

I went into emergency and they stopped the bleeding simply by pushing up hard on where I was bleeding from...

I think 3 weeks after that I got my first ever yeast infection and this one burned and itched beyond belief, I was even walking weird because it was so uncomfortable..

Anyways, I was given this yeast infection cream to insert inside my vagina along with a pill by mouth that would start reacting after 24 hours. As I was taking this medicine I was visitng my family in 3rd world country and got cured of the infection for like a week and it re occured again...when I returned back to states I got another medication for it and she said it was probably because of the change in PH level as well as my diet change from visiting a forgein country...

After that tho I've still had continous vaginal infections and recently I went back to the doctor again and she gave me a pill to take twice a day for BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS (BV) I took all of it and the infection isn't as intense but im scared it'll reoccur...

I recently got an HIV/AIDS test done because I've been so paranoid about these reocurring infections, it comes back on friday but I cant even think straight and I'm just really scared , especially because I feel like I'm paying a price for something I didnt even do out of my consent..

Anyways, I also suffer from Anemia tho, due to iron deffiency but I admit I havent been taking my iron supplements, she provided me with 65 mg of Iron Capsules that I'm suppose to take twice a day..

I assumed that since I bled so much it disturbed my PH level down there which caused the VI, and now I'm worried it still hasnt gotten away..

I'm just really scared and I've had my lower back hurt really bad lately, I've had regular periods though, and Ive been really irritated lately too, and my lips have been dry and I've been depressed, have had cold..And I was also wondering is yeast infection different than being treated for bacterial vaginosis?

Anyways Im really scared someone PLEASE help me make sense of this cuz I personally have been going crazy over this thinking about everything from A-Z of what could be a cause!!

God Bless you all, Happy New Yr and Thanks for any advice in advance!!


yes the treatment for yeast is different than BV. Do not douch! this can cause reoccuring bv. drink more water to help flush the system and hydrate the body. cut your sugar intake: this breeds yeast and with caffine causes menstrual pain. Lower back could be a kidney infection. did u have a chlamydia test? that would cause back pain also. more than anything ...relax. stress will cause extra syptoms. Peace, love and light.