I have been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for over a year now. When i was first diagnosed with it, i took the antibiotics prescribed and they got rid of the symptoms i had which made me think it was a yeast infection...the burning and itching, but i still had a light discharge and an unpleasant odor especially during sex which I had just dealt with and gotten used to. But now that I am with a new partner, the odor really bothers me. I don't feel confident when we have sex. So I started researching ways to get rid of bv. I tried all the recommended supplements and special washes...nothing helped. So I found a forum where a lot of women said douching with a hydrogen peroxide solution cured it for them...so I tried it. I felt awesome! No more odor and no discharge whatsoever. But then I got my period and for the last 2 days of it douched with the hydrogen peroxide solution to flush the last of it out. I don't think my vagina was very happy about that. The next day I was extremely itchy and felt like I had a yeast infection..my labia felt very dry also. I thought maybe I douched too much and took out the good bacteria too. So I upped my probiotic intake and started eating more yogurt which provided some very temporary relief. I still have been itchy and in pain for days. I tried an over the counter yeast infection one day cream medication last night and it has helped with the itching a little but now the left side of my vulva feels swollen and sore and it sort of hurts to walk. Idk what I did but I'm so uncomfortable and scared and going into a doctor is not an option until at least Monday IF they can get me in. If anyone has any idea of what's going on or anything that might help please let me know, I'm desperate!