I have been to 2 diff gynos since the end of october. i have had what i thought on and off yeast infections for the last 2-3 years, getting about 2-5 a year! my first gyno treated me with a yeast infection at the end of october. then a week after treatment symptoms came back and went back to see im and he gave me more medication, he said it was yeast and didnt see any bacterial vaginosis but gave me a one time dose of 4 500 mg metronidazole...and symptoms came back about 10 days later, my sister told me to see another gyno and i did...i had bacterial vaginosis(BV), which she said was common this time of year and is not sexually transmitted as ive been with the same guy for 7 years....i had a 10 day 2 times a day dose of Metronidazole and Doxycycl...i went back to see her the end of December and she informed me that the BV had got worse!!! i dont see how it hadnt got even a little better, she gave the same medication to take again 2 times a day for 10 days then 1 a day for 20 day, but also gave me metronidazole cream to use every 2-3 night at bedtime which i started on Jan 1st. I dont feel like this problem has got any better, i still have extreme itching on the outside surrounding area(which i have had previously yet she says there is no yeast). the itching is so bad i itch in my sleep and have broken skin...i dont know what to do, i have read that untreated BV can lead to pelvic inflammatory disorder, which make me nervous, any thoughts or suggestions, ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!