Researchers claim that sunscreen is not so good protection against the sun and it can actually increase risk of skin cancer. It seems that expensive sunscreen creams don’t provide adequate protection no matter to their high price. Researchers say that SPF couldn’t possibly be substituted with sunscreen. However, they say that sun cream can be useful only if used a lot and often. Moisturizers with SPF are the best solution but they are not substitute for sunscreen.

After the study, researchers said that people don’t apply enough thick layer of sunscreen and only thick layers can provide adequate protection. There are plenty of moisturizers and make-up with SPF protection and experts believe that they can actually damage the skin if they are not applied several times during the day. Most people apply moisturizers only in the morning and expect it to last the whole day but after couple of hours they don’t work any more.

Doctors advise people that besides sunscreens in order to be well protected they must wear a hat and appropriate clothing.