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Hi. I'm day 7 postop from a septorhinoplasty, and I'm concerned about the bruising underneath my eyes. Although the swelling has gone down and parts of my eyes underneath are healing and turning yellow, there's still quite a big patch of what looks like a big pool of red blood underneath, and this area hasn't changed at all in 2 days. Is there a possibility this will never go away and it will be permanent, or is this normal? Also, should I use a warm compress on it now? I had been using cold compresses.


After septorhinoplasty or any other minor surgical procedure swelling and bruises are normal so you shouldn't be worried about that. My brother had rhinoplasty after he was injured and his face and nose were changing colors for about one month so you need to arm yourself with patience and just follow the instructions which your surgeon gave you. And don't switch to hot packs if he didn't instructed you to do that.

So what was the main reason for your surgery? Something was bothering you about your nose or something else? Some condition maybe?

And are you satisfied with the whole procedure and treatment from the first moment you went to the clinic? And how much did it cost if you don't mind sharing this information with me. Thank you in advance.