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Hi! Im 14 years old and i dont smoke or drink alcohols! But i can feel sometimes when i breathe in deeply i can feel that my right collarbone hurts and after that pain occur , my chest will hurt a lil bit , This happens twice or thrice a week . I dont know what it is and i searched on google to know what this is but there are a lot of informations and i dont know which one is it . The pain is not that painful but its making me worry like on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain is like at the 5-6-7 and when it occur i really really wish that it would stop right away! 

I dont know . Do i need to go to a doctor?? Or do you guys have any ideas about this??


I'm 15 and this happens to me too but is like every once in a while not all the time it comes and it goes and only happens when I breathe