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I fell on my right foot while walking down the stairs. Doctor said I need to have lisfranc surgery and told me that the first metatarsal has moved left slightly. I feel pain at the bottum left of midfoot, only when I walk.
There is slight swelling at the left of the midfoot.

I read many of the threads. I'am able to stand but cannot walk long distances. I hope my case is not very severe.

Need some help. Will be having surgery tomorrow.



You likely don't need surgery. I'll tell you why.
There are ways to provoke the internal structures of the foot, that will likely cause any dislocated bones to shift back into better positionings.
These do not require 'surgery'.
If a bone is broken, and the parts are not together anymore, then those parts need to be positioned so that they might heal in better position, i suppose. The bone might need to be 'popped' back into place?

But, in reality, the bones in your foot will likely 'heal' in their current positions, and once they have hardened somewhat, then vibrating massage, and standing on trampoline, will cause/force any dislocated bones in foot to relocate at that time. no need for surgery likely.
Or, I am simply revealing an alternative method?
I am telling the truth as far as I know.
Surgery causes injuries, you know. So, I try to avoid surgery alot.
I think that doctors try to take glory alot for things that they are quite inept at. So, docs perform uneccessary surgeries alot simply because they want to 'appear' as though they are somehow 'miracle men' or something, and it makes them feel like 'glory' or something.
but you don't get too much glory for injuriing people, and surgery injures people. Faith healing is likely best.
Jesus is lord. God raised jesus from dead on third day.
Once you gently try standing on trampoline, you might eventually muster courage to try some light multi-directional bouncings on the foot, and that will cause any internal structures that might be dislocated to relocate, and will also help to strengthen the foot, if it doesn't cause further injuries.
Caution/danger: using trampoline with foot injuries can cause further injuries and may even provoke death, by being a conributing factor, so be careful ok. But, hey, 'surgery' definitely causes injuries, and is also a contributory factor in many deaths.
But, I think that trampoline is non-invasive, and also empowers afflicted so that they might not have to rely on a bunch of apes in white jackets that are glory idiots.