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Hi, I'm 27 and I'm quite skinny person. But I have those saggy bags that hang off my jaws below the cheeks. I look like granny. I know that this happens as you get older but it should not happen in my age! I also noticed that my eyes are also starting to droop down. I get enough sleep and drink enough water. I use moisturizing creams and sunscreen all the time. Is there any way to firm up the skin without having a facelift?


Hello. I'm 34 and I had same problem. I've been using topical products with retinoids and they help with smaller wrinkles. Unfortunately, they can't help with larger wrinkles or loose skin. The truth is that not single product advertised to succesfully treat sagging skin or deep wrinkles can do that. It's just a marketing. Tissue under your skin may be stretched and that's the reason for sagging. I think that laser treatment is the only solution that can help with sagging skin. I'm planning to consult with my dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon but I think laser treatment will be the inevitable. I'd suggest you to do the same. Of course, you can try some firming creams or serums first. They could tighten the skin and give the skin the elasticity. However, if they don't help with sagging, I don't think any other simple product will give you what you want.