I was diagnosed with Sarsoidosis 1 1/2 years ago, its in my lymph nodes and my lungs, it also had prev showed in my eyes and in a rash form on my legs. It was found doing a chest xray because I was short of breath and after extensive tests and lung cancer screening it was determined I had Sarcoidosis. I went on steroid treatment for several months and have been monitored now with CT Scans of my lungs regularly to monitor my progress. This is my first 6 month period between scans (previous ones were 2, 3 and 4 months) so this is the longest I have gone unmonitored yet. I had my tonsils out in early November (ok'd by my pulmonary Dr). Since the surgery I have not felt great and am concerned that this has somehow triggered the sarcoidosis to flair up. I have not taste at all yet, which I am finding is not at all unusual from posts that I have read but I have developed a shortness of breath and am having to use my inhaler often. I have also developed a very bad dry cough, I never cough anything up and cant seem to get under the cough at all. I also have a bad choking feeling in my throat, like there is stuff stuck in my throat or its restricted, I have a very hard time swallowing and am very dry as well. (The cough and shortness of breath can be signs of sarcoid.) I have my next CT Scan and Dr Appointment Feb 15, and am wondering if these problems are just related to the tonsellectomy or should I be in contact with the pulmulnologist or am I over reacting because I am scared,worried, both?
Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. :'(