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My 55 year old wife was diagnosed with sarciodosis about (2) years ago- Since her diagnosis she has been on prednisone with very little if any improvement - Just yesterday she began chemo treatment with the drug methotrexate. In addition, she also takes pain meds, narcotic cough suppressant, and a host of other medications. One symtom that has been persistent and chronic is a dry cough that can last hours at a time- she also experiences profuse sweating, and suffers from asthma and allergies.

My concern is whether this drug may adversely interact with other medications, and if there is a reliable case history of treatment with this drug gor sarcoidosis.

Could you please advise



Hi, my husband also suffers from sarcoidosis, and as a result is suffering from many different things. The sarcoidosis has affected his lungs, skin, heart and brain, so as a result he takes a lot of different medication for each of the conditions. He was started on Methotrexate a few years ago, and this has really helped and has not really affected his other medications. I hope you have found the same sort of response. :-)