I don't know what I have and am trying to find out because it's not asthma and that's what I was told when I went to the doctor but it doesn't feel like a tightened air passage, it feels like I am only able to take in 3/4 of a full breath when I breath. My symptoms flair up at least once a year every year and last for different times. I can force myself to be able to take what feels like a full breath but I can't do it every time I breathe in. I have even tried inhaling all the way and then swallowing air down into my lungs a mouthful at a time until the air literally pushes out of my lungs because they are stretched so far from the air forced into them. I thought that this would show me if it was a problem with my lungs opening up all the way or a problem with oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This did not help at all no matter how many times I stretched them all the way. I also get lightheaded from not having enough oxygen and sometimes kind of tingly on my arms and head mostly when symptoms flair up. The tingly feeling goes away fast and so does being lightheaded but they occur many times during the flair up. I have tried every inhaler including Advair and nothing seems to really relieve my symptoms. It feels like I'm suffocating. It seems to be better once I lay down for a while at night when I sleep and it feels better when I first wake up in the morning until I have been upright for a while. I don't know if that means I could have some extra mucus or something in my lungs that moves around or if I have another problem.