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Hello ,

I have CT urogram scheduled in two weeks after I’ve been trying to find out why am I having both visible blood in urine and even when I thought it went away, urine analysis still detected occult blood in my urine. After my family doc treated me with antibiotics thinking this might be caused by UTI, things didn’t change at all. Now I’m also experiencing constant dull pain in my lower back and my urine is way darker than normal.

Since I have a family history of cancer (dad had prostate cancer), I’m scared the CT urogram will show I have kidney or bladder cancer, too. Other than this, I’m relatively healthy and I don’t smoke or drink. Does anyone have any idea what else might be causing blood to appear in my urine? Could it be kidney stones?

Any help is much appreciated.


I wouldn't do too much worrying until you find out what is causing the bloody urine.  The dull pain in your lower back you mentioned leads me to suspect something with your kidneys.  If you had a tumor on your prostate, you would be experiencing difficulty with urination.  It doesn't sound like you are?  Kidney stones may be a possibility.  Have you had them before or pass one?  Has anyone else had kidney stones or are you having the symptoms mentioned above?  You should drink more water and cranberry juice to help flush your kidneys.  It sounds like you are not drinking enough if your urine is dark.  Let us know how your appointment comes out!