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I am suddenly plagued with constant burping. The only other time I ever had this was when I was trying to pass a kidney stone. I had a CT and I do not have a kidney stone now. I do have blood in my urine. The doctor has put me on antibiotics, but they have not changed the burping.
What condition could be causing this?


Hi there,

I think that your blood in urine might be caused by more stones in your kidneys. It is not uncommon that your stones come back. If you have urinary tract infection you would most likely treat them with the antibiotics that you received from your doctor. I think that you should test your urine again for the kidney stones. If you are having the same symptoms that you had whit your first kidney stones. The blood is very often noticed when you have kidney stones. Do you have any pain in the back or any pain when you urinate? You could try to alter your diet and water intake in next several days. Good luck with this.