Last week i developed some sort of weird thing, difficulty to urinate, and can't fully empty bladder, also pain on both flanks, then it was on the left only then it resolved without any meds, or maybe just rowatinex i don't know if you are familiar with it its a urinary tract disinfectant, i still find pressure in my bladder area i sense its holding it from completely voiding, some other times the pressure is gone or less and i can void almost completely , the thing is i have to drink a lot to pee, if i don't and my urine turns yellow it becomes difficult to urinate, also i cut down a lot of food, now i only eat one kind of food a few of it and drink juice, i have IBS very sharp one, and i feel it creates pressure on my bladder, i did a lot of test blood work, all normal, only urine showed pus cells 4-6 and red cells, one of the ultra sounds i made showed back pressure on left kidney, so they made me do CT without contrast and it only showed small 2mm opaque stone in left kidney but its not blocking anything they say, and along side the ureter and bladder no stones,  what i was doing before all this was inserting stuff into my rectum ( anal sex) also sticking the head of my penis to my anus ( weird and stupid i know), could this has gotten me UTI? the CT showed no perforation in rectum nor did the trans rectal ultrasound, the CT showed enlarged prostate due to i think i use to hold the ejaculation a lot, and i never got to have sex, no i always have to place hot water over bladder to urinate and i drink a lot of water, i have no history of any kind of disease e.g. high blood pressure, cardiac, the only thing i'm afraid of is my serum creatinine level showed 1.2 on a test and on other it showed 1.0, they gonna make do another CT on Saturday with dye searching for any sort of narrowing in the urinary tract, otherwise the evaluation is prostits or bph, something else, it is whenever i have constipation it becomes more difficult to urinate too, any help is much much appreciated, thank you and so sorry for my bad English.