Im almost certain that with any mental disorders by acknowlaging the illness and symptoms or if not already in different levels of mental illness and not yet knowing of the disorder becomes 100X slap in the face of realization in the happening.when a mental disorder is not noticed or observeppd by yourself but noticed by others but not mentioning odd behaviors is a tramatic blow to the person ego who suffers from mental my case.of schizoaffected disorder tramatically & dramatically overwhelming.At age 49 going through menopause drug rehab. Mental illness Everday every minute is a severe horrible frightening battle.The struggling depression and fear of not knowing scattered thoughts looking to anywhere anything for a clue as to how to cope dealing with symtoms that r out of control with hopelessness,the disorganization not only in my head but physically disabling my life. from the time I get up until its time to go to bed every minute every second is horrifying no doubt no joke.Theres no ending only continueing struggleing for my life.