(I’m a 14 y/o girl) Ok so I’m not sure what’s happening but I keep seeing and hearing things nobody else does I don’t feel normal I’ve started to feel crazy like maybe I have something wrong with me but I haven’t told anyone I’m scared they’ll send me to an insane asylum the voices tell me to hurt people eg: family, kids from school and friends and I keep having visions of killing/hurting people and recently I’ve been having dreams of killing people I don’t know what to do I’ve stopped talking to people I’ve pretty much isolated myself just so I can make sure I don’t hurt anyone I hardly leave my room which makes everything much worse I feel things touch me when no ones around and because I isolate myself when I go to school I stress out and the voices scream and my heart beats super fast and I feel like stabbing everyone and I feel numb like I don’t really feel anything I have no emotions like I smile and laugh but I’m not happy and I’m not sad I just numb I don’t feel real most of the time like I’m there but not and the same time like sometimes I feel like I watch myself in third person and what I think and say aren’t coming from my mouth or head (btw I haven’t done drugs or had alcohol)