Dear all, I'm a very organized individual with a good job in consulting. I have been drinking since my first year in college and 16 years later I had a scary experience this past weekend. I went for a wedding this past weekend and made a complete ass of myself. I started with vodka, then had 8 cans of beer, champagne and then switched to long island.cocktails. Sometime in between the long islands I had a blackout. I woke up the next morning and found myself asleep in my car. On trying to find out what had happened, I was given a horrific recap of things I had done during my blackout. To sum it up, I messed up the dance floor, stripped and took a piss there, shortly after started harassing women. Got slapped by someone's husband, turned violent and held everyone ransom by refusing to allow anyone leave the venue until friends had to come and intervene. To cut a long story short it was really bad in front of tons of people, mentors, friends, colleagues etc. Some of my antics were captured and I have seen the footage and its pretty upsetting since that isn't me at all. This aside I haven't been able to eat anything for the past three days. Could there be problem and can anyone recommend anything both for my body and my self esteem which is at an all time low at the moment