Yo, so I'm pretty disturbed at what happened last night. So I went to a friends and we rolled a joint with around 1.5g of weed in it aprox, they also insisted on putting tobacco in it which I don't like but they said the high is better so I said why not. Now here's the thing, I have whiteyed on a cigarette before, my body just doesn't like it. Anyway, there was like 6 of us puffing and passing the joint and all was fine, it kicked in pretty fast, I was at a 10 (or so I thought) high rating, pretty blazed. We went inside and we were all talking n sh*t and then bang an unbelievable strength of something just kicked in, there was lines constantly whizzing past my head and I was out of control, I couldn't concentrate on what anyone was saying and I felt trapped, it was so horrible. I started losing my balance and leant against the table ( no one noticing me yet ) then boom, blackout and fell into someone beside me, I woke up instantly and got back up, my friends took me outside and I was so f*****g warm, sweating. My head was still out of control, constant focus in the centre of my eyesight and lines from all side whizzing past. My friends constantly told me that it'll be ok which helped a lot and I just told myself it'll be over soon. If someone told me I was on acid I would believe them. We ordered pizza and that pizza was the most amazing thing I've ever had. Everything was slowly calming down, this is about 1 and a half hours later, so it was a long time of feeling very bad. I was so high still for the rest of the night but it's weird, the level I was at was very high but after what I just went through I felt mellow. So what I would like to know after all this is, what caused it?! Was it the tobacco, was it extremely strong weed? ( probably not because everyone else was fine ) I've heard the hunger doesn't help and I hadn't are much that day... And here I am now the next morning about to watch American horror story. Thanks for reading guys