Before I even begin, let me say that I am a very skinny 32 year old male who drinks a lot of soda, consumes a high amount of suger and does not eat anything green. I'm that guy who can eat anything and will forever be 120 lbs. This all might be related to my diet, but I'm sorta looking for advice if others agree or if this could be something worth visiting the doctor for a second time this month.


I've been having some pretty bad stomach bloating the past couple of weeks. This is bloating in my stomach that is bad enough that makes breathing a problem until gas is relieved through belching. I don't have any pain in my stomach or below my stomach. I do have chest pains that seem to relieve when belching.

With that, I am also belching all the time now. As soon as I wake up, I am normally belching a couple of times without the sensation of feeling bloated. When I go to work, my stomach feels like it is filling with air or gas until lunch time. Unless I act on it or belch, it gets to a point where it feels hard to breath due to the stomach tightness as a very thin guy.

To make matters worse, I was a bit constipated this week. However, I have been to the bathroom the past day and today, the day of this posting. Which makes me assume if this was gas, it should be getting better if the constipation is the culprit.

Regardless, I admitted myself into the ER for a onset of random shooting stabbing pains in my right chest. This is when everything started going down hill and when the bloating occurred. Since then, I have chest pains that get better with belching while one pain near the right chest is always hurting depending on body movement or deep breathes. It also hurts when I take a deep breath and push on the area, which makes me believe it's not my lungs, but maybe just my muscle or something in my chest wall.

If anyone has any advice, then please let me know. The pain my chest my be unrelated, but the belching and stomach bloating is constant even before I eat anything.