Hi everyone, 

First of all, sorry for the possible English mistakes but I'm not a native speaker. And sorry for the long post but I think the more details I give, the more easy it will be to understand the problem. 

I wanted to talk about my stomach, intestinal and rectal noises that I'm experiencing daily and that are really ruining my life... I know there are already a lot of posts about that and no one seems to have found an acceptable solution, but my symptons are a bit different than the majority so maybe there is a solution. 

So first, my symptoms :  - Stomach noises when I'm hungry (that is pretty normal) AND after having eaten something - Intestinal noises from time to time (recently it's almost inexistent, so let's skip it for now) - Rectal noises (the MOST annoying) : often in the morning, but sometimes at other moments too, it's like rumbles in my rectum. Sometimes it's low and I'm the only one to hear it, but it's often (and rarely VERY loud), and it can be very embarassing...  - No pain at all (I never felt any pain in any part of my digestive system), no other digestive problem (NO discomfort other than noise, so this is not IBS).  - I have sometimes diarrhea (or not really diarrhea, but loose stools, or at least stools that are not hard enough), but I go to the toilet once a day anyway, often every morning after breakfast. 

What I know :  I swallow a lot of air when I eat. I know that. Actually, I even swallow some air when I drink water or swallow salivia. So, as a consequence, I will always have some air in my stomach (even if I belch most of it, there is always some air remaining).  That's the cause of the stomach noises (just after meal I can hear some stomach noise, but after having belched 2 or 3 times it almost entirely disappears).  BUT I know that there is still some air there (air at the top of the stomach can't be belched because it's above the entrance of the esophagus). So for example if I lie in my bed after meal, I will hear A LOT of stomash noises (and if I lie in my bed later, for example when I go to sleep, I can still hear some, depending on how much I ate, how long ago, and how much I belched before lying down).  So this air swallowing is not due to common factors like eating too fast or something else, it's really a dysfunction of my digestive system (that is partially the cause of my noise problems... )

So question n°1 : has anyone already heard about this kind of air swallowing problem, or does anyone have an idea about a possible solution (treatment, surgery or anything) ?

Secondly, for the noises. What I know :  All the noises are due to air in my digestive system. Without air, there is no noise.  For the stomach and the intestines, I think the noises are directly due to the air swallowing. So cure aire swallowing ==> cure those noises.  But the most annoying problem is the rectal noises. And I don't think that these rectal noises are due to an excessive amount of air i my rectum. Why ? Because I don't fart so much (like 10 times a day), and I know people that fart way more than me but have no noise.  As far as I'm concerned, before +/- 50% of my farts, I had noises. That's clearly not normal, normal people don't have that ! But what's interesting is that, +/- 70% of time, if I hear rectal noises, I can fart and the noises disappear. But the problem is that sometimes I don't have to fart, and anyway when I'm in public (like in class) I can't fart and so the noises keep again and again.  In general, if I don't fart, the noises stay during like 1 hour, with a rumble every 2 or 5 minutes, and then it disappears during some hours, and then comes back later in the day (or sometimes it doesn't come back at all... and I don't fart during the whole day, which is strange if it was due to air in my rectum). 

Recently I read scientific articles that said that rectal noises are due to the combination of 3 factors : bowel movements, air and liquid. They said that if we remove one of the 3, noises should disappear. And this should be the reason why most of people don't have rectal noises, since there should be no liquid in the rectum theoretically. Then I started to follow an anti-diarrhea diet (eating rice and so on), and I also took some medicine to make sure I was at least a little bit constipated. And the conclusion is that... even with hard stools, noises are still present (but maybe less loud, I'm not sure yet).  So maybe liquid is not the cause, maybe there is something else (a cavity or something like that that would contain some liquid but would not release it... I don't know, I'm not doctor). Or maybe it's completely something else. 

I'm also wondering if the problem doesn't come from the fact that I'm not evacuating gas easily enough, so it stays blocked there during an abnormal amount of time and obviously finishes by making some noise. Which would explain why I have rectal noise while I don't fart more than normal people. 

So, question n°2 : how to stop those rectal noises ? Or at least, what causes them ?

Other details about me that could be linked to those problems (or not) :  - I have a scoliosis. It was treated so this is not a problem anymore, but my spine is deviated and so some of my organs are not exactly where they should be.  - My doctor saw on my radios that I have congested bronchi (like if I had a cold, but I don't). And he saw it on different radios, with several months between them. And indeed, my nose is often congested. So it seems to be a special thing, that could be linked to the air swallowing ? - I was allergic to dust mites in the past, and I had continously runny nose. I took a treatment for that and now I'm almost not allergic anymore, but it could be the cause of the previous point (chronic congested bronchi).  - It's pretty strange because at the beginning I had nothing, then during my teenage I started having stomach noises. Later on intestinal noises began. And now that my teenage is over (I'm 20) rectal noises are beginning are becoming louder and louder.  - I don't do a lot of sports. I read some people telling doing sports helps, but I really don't see how. This is not a mental problem, there is obviously a biologic problem here.  - I also read about a lot of drugs like activated charcoal. I tried some, didn't tried others, but it seems like this kind of drugs didn't help anyone on other forums. I think it's useless to take a drug without understanding more deeply the problem.  - I'm a little bit lactose intolerent, but I almost eat no lactose and even when I do a strict diet without lactose, it doesn't seem to change anything. 

Drugs that I read of (didn't try them because it seems like it's inefficient for all the people that tried them, but maybe you have your advice about one of them) :  - Activated charcoal, aloe vera, simethicon, inestinal antiseptic, prebiotics, probiotics, FODMAP diet, or other things related to dysbiosis/yeast imbalance/intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I read several times about "Primal defense probiotics" and it seems to have worked for some people, but I don't really see how it could help with my problem. 

So in conclusion, I have 2 major problems (air swallowing and rectal noises). The first one could be normal (but it's really excessive compared to other people, I even swallow air when I swallow my saliva !). The second one is the most annoying, but it could be a consequence of the first one (even if i'm really not sure about that). And it's those rectal noises that I really need to stop !

Thanks in advance to anyone that would try to help me. I really, really need help with this...