Hi guys my name is Jose I'm 46 yo and I've been living in pain since 2012 when I had a hiatus hernia diagnosed that some say is "the queen of all diseases". I often get gastritis and reflux but now I have it under control. What I do everyday, and this may sound completely mad, is walking around for at least 1 hour after eating something. If I sit right after eating or before 1 hour I get really bad cramps on my stomach area. If I stop moving around and stand still for a 1 minute I get these cramps again. It seems that my chest is exploding and I get short breaths. Sometimes I get refluz and other times I don't. So, I only eat 4 meals a day and I've been suffering from varicose veins of the strain because of standing so much and walking around. I would like to ask if someone has the same symptons as I do:

1 - abdominal pain in the stomach area if I sit before 1 hour after meals.

2 - varicose veins caused by the strain of walking around after eating.

I've seen the doctor but he just tells me to take omeprazole and to wear compression stockings. Thank you so much.