Hi! I hope someone can help. I have been getting these attacks sporadically with no warning. They always are in the same sequence only are getting more severe. I start with severe abdominal pain (can't move) and feel faint(almost pass out) Then my face and hands begin to burn. I  get dry heaves next. Along with the horrible low abdominal pain, I start cramping. I will start with a regular bowel movement followed by pudding-like diarrhea that now lasts for hours. This last time, the diarrhea turned to all blood. All this time, I am on the floor in the bathroom on towels and blankets that get thrown away. I also have a headache. When it is finally over, I end up in bed with severe stomach discomfort and freezing (feverish) and extremely weak. Also this time I had constipation for weeks then took Miralax and that never happened before. I am afraid to have another attack as they continue to worsen.

I hadn't always kept track as I kept thinking it wouldn't happen again. I had one in Feb., then March, and this worst one in August. I had a stomach scope which just confirmed my constant reflux which I have had since the lupus and a colonoscopy which showed nothing. My family Dr. said to go to emergency if it happens again and I will. I do have an appointment to go back to the gasterenologist for a follow up, but not too sure he will even know where to start. I also have systemic lupus so that might be a link and have other health issues from it. Sorry this is so long.

Thanks, Connie Lee