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10 years ago my Dr. accidentally burned my ureter with a laser. Since then, for some reason when I have severe physical or emotional trauma, I become constipated and NO regular medication worlds. I found a Dr. who prescribed me a "new" "experimental" medication for something he said was not constipation. He said it occurred occurred higher up in my system. The medicine worked. I don't remember the name of the dianosis or medication. It's back again, My husband (35 years old) died in his sleep and for 3 weeks I can ardly "go", no matter what I take (7 ex lax or multiple eminas). I need t know the medication that will work.

Advice? Before I explode? I can't even eat - there's no room for food.



My doctor gave me Magnesium, a mineral supplement, for other medical reasons and I found this helped my constipation immensely.
It would sure be worth a try...there cheap and can be bought over the counter.