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Hello All,

I have been suffering from severe bloating and constipation (uniterrupted) for over a month now.  Been to the GP, who litterally laughed at the fact that I had to undo my trousers during the day at work and wear long jumpers so no one would notice it.

Wrt bloating, my belly is about fine in the morning (tho not totally how it used to be), but as soon as i stick anything into my mouth, being a nut or a sip of water, my belly starts expanding to the point I actually look pregnant.

Wrt to constipation, nothing comes out, I honestly do not know where it all goes.  I used some over the counter laxatives, which made me go just a bit while I was on them, but it however never gave me the feeling of emptyness.

I stopped smoking a few months ago, I read on a very old blog here it can be a cause, but I stopped about 3 months ago and my condition only apeared 4/5 weeks ago.

I took smoking again for the past 2 days, I shall see if that gets rid of it, but even if it does, this is not the solution..worked hard enough to stay of the cigs to have to start again.

I read about gigestive pills, pro-biotics and ginger pills, anyone has any experience with this?

I woiuld appreaciate any help you may be able to provide, as I am not getting any from the medical profession and I am really starting to become hysterical about it.

Many thanks in advance.....





Hi matey. Dont get down mate, were all on here for support. I have not got a answer, but feel waht your going through. I been there many years ago. Your Dr should not laugh,i would have to complain about it, but then thats me. Please gve up that smoking, that is a vile disgusting habbit. You did so well without it, so please dont think its that. Im a ex smoker too. I do understand about not doing your trousers button, sometimes i do that. I do get bloated, mostly because i suffer from Gluten allergy, which was found out when they conducted more test's at the Hospital. I was like that for many years, until they diagnosed it. You have not stated what you eat that makes you bloated, although it's anything you say. Stress, tension can all be trigger factors. Are you ever feeling sluggish after eating bread, starchy wheat things? Could you be gluten free?  Or lactose free? If you are not emptying your food daily by not doing a number two, then its worrying, as far as i know, we should be emptying daily. Do you drink water? Do you try to eat healthy? Are you overweight? Im not being rude hun, just that there are so many other things that could start this.

Go back to DR, i would expect him to throughly check you out, maybe do some test to check nothing else is happening. Get him to write a priscription for laxatives, something that is easy on the tummy, and if they dont work then go back. So he will have to do more test's. Try to get active, do some workouts, drink plenty water, eat healthy greens and de-stress. But don't give in, get back to your DR, and if he cant be serious enough tell him you will make a formal complaint. His face will soon drop and be serious.

Good luck mate, i hope your Dr pulls his finger out and sorts it.