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Hi my name is Dawn. I am 16, and this has been happening for over a year now
im in constant pain. it feels like my bladder is inflamed 24/7, hot baths and ibeprofin barely help, i have been on tons of anti biotics
especially macrobid (wich made me feel like c**p), I have had every sti/std testing, kidney and bladder ultrasound, i have no cysts, no signs of anything. so my doctor reffered me to a specialest. but one just died in my town so he says its going to take a long time
I just started peeing blood an hour ago, and i am worried... and depressed
and i have also had up to 3 bladder infections this month, (ecoli)
something is very wrong with me that no tests can find, is anyone else having these problems or might have any answers ?

please help! :(


honey get yourself to the nearest emergency room you have something very wrong you shouldnt be peeing blood please go get checked your way to young to have this wrong with 57 and im having major bladder problems also please get checked let me know how you make out.