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i feel there is somehting really wrong with my bladder i get monthly infections that burn very bad i must call in for cepro 500mg


You probably have some dormant bacteria. What can happen is you get an infection and you take antibiotics. Instead of killing the bacteria, it kills most of them and some others are left dormant in the bladder. Then when you stop taking antibiotics, they're free to multiply again. It's not common, but it does happen.

Try taking ASAP or Silver Biotics (same product, different name) from American Biotech Labs. This is a nano silver and not a colloidal silver, so it doesn't accumulate in the body. It's not known to interact with any medications and is non-addictive. I would suggest you take the maximum recommended dose. This may ensure that the bacteria is completely killed off instead of lying dormant.

Whether or not you have dormant bacteria, you may want to check if you have a urethral obstruction. Make an appointment with a urologist to check for this. If you do have this, you'll have a very minor and quick surgery that repairs this issue and makes it so that you don't get bacteria that shoots up into your bladder.

To prevent future bladder infections, you can keep taking the nano silver product every day. It's non-toxic, so it's very safe to take every day. You can find this product at a local health food store or online on the company's website.