Hi all,

I am trying to determine what condition the women on my mother and maternal grandmother's side have been suffering from for several generations. My greatgrandmother had both her ovaries removed at 30 and continued to grow painful female reproductive fibroids for the remainder of her life. She was not very fertile and at a time of no birth control only had 2 pregnancies and 1 successful birthof an undersized baby. My sister is suffering from many symptoms that include fibrocystic breast disease, early menarche (10yo), adult acne, seasonal affective disorder, nonexistent libido, etc. I had late menarche(16yo), irregular painful periods, depression, low libido, a pearl necklace of cysts on only my right ovary, and adult acne. Test results on me came back "normal"...strangely. My mom has also had extensive problems throughout the years. My grandmother had a full hysterectomy to control excessive bleeding that was causing her to be anemic. She also has uterine and breast fibroids.

I am looking for a cause for all this pain. I had heard that a lack of progesterone can cause an excess of estrogen which would explain alot of our symtoms. But our condition would seem to be inherited. Is there a syndrome out there or disease that could be inherited by the women of my family that is causing these symtoms? The original stock...my great-grandmother's parents, were from Norway.

Thanks...any and all suggestions are welcome. I am starting to go in circles about this and my endocrinologist is tired of me.