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Sharp knife like pain in my left lower abdomen. Comes and goes. I have it since a couple of days ago. I don't want to tell my mom and get it blown out of proportion. So if I should go ti a doctor someone please tell. Since I am only 15 I don't know if it's serious or not.


So you are having sharp pains in your lower abdomen?  Do these pains cause you to double up or are they just very uncomfortable?  Have you been urinating and passing stool without any problem?  Sometimes the pain can be from not having a regular bowel movement and things start getting "backed up" and causes pain.  Have you been having any issues with your period?  Are they normal or have you been having bad cramping with them?  I would say go to your doctor if you don't think it is a bowel problem.  If you are constipated, eat more fruits and vegetables for extra fiber in your diet or ask your mom to pick up some stool softener.  Hope you get to the bottom of your problem soon!