I have been having an ongoing issue and need assistance. No one has been able to tell me what the problem is. I know that there is something wrong - given all the 911 calls that I have had to make.

Not a day goes by that I don't suffer from cronic pain; either in my joints, head or abdomen. I have diarrhea daily. I suffer from gas pains, indigestion, heart burn daily. I have experience child labour, I would rate that at a level 7- 8, and then I have suffered from these mystery attacks and would rate them easily at a 10. The pain is so intense, i feel like i have to sit on the toilet and throw up. While I was pregnant, I suffered from these attacks so intensly that I was hospitalized for nearly 3 months. They preformed a laparoscopy as they were concerned that I was suffering from appendicitis which risked both me and my unborn baby. All they were able to tell me is that it was not appendicitis. When I am hospitalized for this ailment, it is treated with Morphine and gravol (injections) and then when I am discharged with percacets. I do not feel that pain medication is the answer, but the pain is so intense, the pain is constant and very heavy.

The pain during my pregnancy was so intense, they kept me heavily medicated on Morphine as the pain initiated labour and i was constantly at risk in loosing my son. I had lost pregnancies previously, the attacks started around 19 weeks in my pregnancy.

The only issue that I have received from blood tests previously was a high billirubin.

Body aches, back, arms, legs, headaches, neck, I have had to take 6 months off work as I couldn't use my arms, the pain is either dull and constant or waves of sharp pain.

Abdomen pain is very strong, rate it at a 10, when an attack occurs. Otherwise it is a dull constant pain that doesn't go away.

The pain will last 10+ hours, days, or when I was pregnant for months without relief - unless I receive pain medication.

I need to find answers, doctors have mentioned that it could be crohn's, colitis...

I did get a bacteria when I lived in Central America, it felt like razor blades were going through my bowel. My abdomen swelled so large that I appeared to be 7 months pregnant within 3 days.

I have been tested for IBS, it came back negative.

If you have any questions, please ask me, I really need to find an answer to this. My son is 2 and a half, and I am a single mom. I need to be able to be strong and healthy he doesn't have anyone else. I cannot go on like this without an answer.

I am looking for any suggestions or direction I could look into.