well... i'm nineteen now and my period is always around a week in length (from 6 to 8 days).
and it's usually about 30 days in between.
so i started on time, two weeks ago 9/15, but it only lasted about 3 or 3 1/2 days.
it had BAD cramping on the 15th (but i always do the first day),
and the bleeding wasn't light, but not too heavy either. basically like normal...
but i only used half of the tampons that i normally do. i ALWAYS use at least the whole box. and half of it is still sititng under my sink...
then on monday of this week (9/27) i had some bleeding. but it only lasted for a few hours.
it was red, but not thick. more like mucus with a little blood thrown in. then it stopped.
just wondering if i should be worried... or if i should just see what happens this month.
oh, and yes i've had sex. so i know that pregnancy is a POSSIBILITY just don't know if it's PROBABLE.
also wondering if anything else could be the cause.

thank you. :-)