Ever since Christmas, I've been on a diet to lose weight, and so far, it's been successful because I've lost about 3-4 lbs. The only problem that I've been concerned with is that I've been chewing gum a lot, and I've gotten tired of my watermelon-flavored gum. To satisfy my taste buds, I just chew a bit of something and spit it out. In no way, or anywhere near to that point, where I am starving myself. It is just that sometimes I feel as if I need he taste of something other than watermelon in my mouth so I chew something and spit it out because I don't want to consume the extra calories. Please let me clarify again; I DO NOT starve myself. As of right now, my main purpose of it is to have the taste of something other than watermelon-flavored gum in my mouth.

Should I be worried that I have the chewing and spitting disorder? What should I do to stop this chewing and spitting habit because even if it's not an eating disorder, I don't want the possibility of chewing and spitting dominate my eating habits? Is there anything other than gum I could put in my mouth?