Hi! I thought I was the only one with this issue but something compelled me to check online today to know more about it and I hope reading this would enlighten and also help a lot of people in the same situation as me. I think mine is worse; you would find the reason in my write-up. 

I am a 25year old female, I have been chewing my mouth and tongue for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was little, I can't remember exact age but I should be around 5 or 6, my mother noticed I do it a lot so she held me down one day and used tomatoes to clean my inner cheek ( she is a nurse btwn), all the while I was struggling to get out of her grasp and still didn't stop. I chew my tongue real bad too and I think the reason it's worse in my case is I see myself as someone with a compulsive disorder, I am very neat and tidy in every aspect of my life, friends and family have tried everything to make me stop and I always promise myself I would which I think is what led me to like chewing gum and chocolates a lot to distract myself even till now I can't go anywhere without my gum but before I know it, I have dug in again. My chewing is so bad I bleed so much and I don't find it painful, my inner cheek now has a whitish colour, I tried stopping years ago, I think I went as far as few days but what I noticed is I don't chew my tongue as much again only when I am stressed or in a very uncomfortable position. Last year at a family gathering, I got to find out my paternal grandma also does this which made me wonder maybe it's one of the major reason it's that bad for me. 2years  ago, I was about to have a fill in in one of my molar when the dentist suddenly stopped and literally begged me to please find a way to stop that I don't know the implications of what I am doing to myself (I am from Africa but recently moved to the US, this happened back in Africa). Another thing is there are some times I chew in really bad that I literally have a hole and a very sore tongue, these are times I find it hard to sleep which is literally almost all the time cos I am an Insomniac. Years ago when I was about to have my baby and I wasn't completely dilated instead of screaming I took all d pain to my lips only this time I chewed on the outer layer everytime the contraction comes and by the time I delivered my baby girl , my lips were really sore and something else but I heal very fast. I want to try my best to stop and I would be happy to.