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My girlfriend and I had sexual intercourse on Monday, twice. One with a condom and a second time, without a condom. I did not ejaculate inside her the second time and the only reason we were less careful and did it a second time without a condom (especially since a prior ejaculation increases chances of live sperm in the urethra) was because she's taking birth control pills.

The thing is that she later remembered she had not taken the pills for 3 days. Intercourse happened on the 7th day of her cycle and she had taken a pill on the 3rd of 4rth day, and then again on the 7th day (day of the intercourse).

Are there any serious chances that she might get pregnant? Serious enough to try the day after pill? It's been about 24 hours so far and I understand we have a max of 72.

Thanks in advance!


It's possible! Good luck