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Alright, so a couple weeks ago me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex but I didn't ejaculate. However, i'm worried that she may be pregnant since she claims she's late on her period, which has been irregular ever since she began taking birth control. With birth control, her periods are now only 18 days but she regularly has a 30 day cycle. She didn't take any birth control this month so i'm just wondering that her period has returned to normal? Also, when we had sex, it was only 2 days after her period had finished and the last time I had ejaculated prior to having intercourse was around 11 AM on the day we had sex, and we had sex around 5 PM, if that makes any difference. I appreciate the help :)


i dont think that makes much of a difference. after she went off the pill you had this unprotected sexual intercourse. Are you trying to get her PREGNANT or just playing roullette with your hormones??