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Okay, well here goes...

About three weeks ago, me and my girlfriend got a little.... extracirricular.

But the thing is, is that we broke up pretty much the following day... I know, that's weird.

We didn't have any protection, so we went un-protected. She IS on birth control, and she also has some kind of ovary problem, so I HIGHLY doubt she got pregnant, but she told me a today that she hasn't had her period yet. She took a pregnancy test a week ago, and it turned up negative.... It's still REALLY scaring me though, with her not having her period yet.

I just want to know if anyone knows whether or not she IS pregnant, or she's just saying this to get back together with me. I broke up with her because she was too clingy e.g. she wanted me to buy her a promise ring after four weeks of dating. I call that clingy :/

So, please answer this:

Is it likely that she is pregnant through these incredible odds?

-She is on the pill
-She has ovary cysts (I think they're cysts, I'm not sure)
-I didn't ejaculate inside of her
-We didn't use a condom

Please answer quickly!! Although birth is a wonderful miracle :-) I just don't have the time, comitment, and resources to raise my own child right now!


In perfect conditions, a women has a 20-30% chance of getting pregnant every cycle. while on birth control that reduces it to about .05% every month. Pills are 92-99% accurate on preventing pregnancy. IF your ex forgot to take the pills regularly, than those chances increase and there's a POSSIBILITY of getting pregnant. If you timing is correct, she probably was ovulating about the time you had sex IF she was not taking her pills right. Pills prevent ovulation... that's how you don't get preggers.

Late, irregular or missed periods are the single most important symptom of an ovarian cyst. The cyst generally forms during a menstrual cycle, disrupting the regularity of the latter and causing periods to be too early or significantly late. Heavier bleeding and more acute cramps can also occur. Researches show that, cysts on the ovary may disappear within 1-3 months with the menstrual cycle. If such happens to be the case, the periods should become normal again. Estrogen and progestin birth control pills prevent ovulation. Functional ovarian cysts do not form without ovulation. But there's controversy as to how effective pills are against ovarian cysts.

Using the withdrawal method ALONE is only 80% effective. Being on the pill AND using the withdrawal method is very accurate.

Not using a condom basically gives the same results since you pulled out.

My thoughts- the ovarian cysts are causing her to be late. You don't have to worry.