Here's the story : Basically, 8 days ago, my girlfriends nipples started hurting quite badly and are basically permanently erect. Her breasts don't hurt at all. If anything, she said they feel quite comfortable. During the middle part of her cycle, she would ALWAYS experiences huuuuge breast pains. This is like clockwork. Lived with her together for 2 and a half years now and 9 out of 12 times, the breast pain would be present mid cycle and before periods. But this is one of the first time that she had exclusively nipple pain.

She's 21 years old. Doesn't use birth control.

Now, our first reaction was PREGNANCY. The thing is, we had intercourse 11 days ago. 3 days later(to be exact, in about 55 hours), her nipples became really sore. Now, we used a condom and it didn't break. Everything was normal. Also, we had sex about 4-5 days after her period ended. Still, we got a little bit worried, since she only felt such nipple discomfort maybe twice or so i her lifetime and she says they only lasted for a few hours.

Past friday, I called the doctor, and asked her about this situation. She said, that it's very very unlikely she could feel any symptoms at all so quickly, even if she did get pregnant from that intercourse. Still, she suggested we come over for a blood pregnancy test, since maybe our previous endevours were to blame. The test was done and it was a strong negative. She also did a urine pregnancy test today. Negative. What could of caused it?


The thing is...During winter time, the inside of my mouth is usually occupied by 1 or 2 herpes..things. This is something from early childhood that I was never able to get rid of. Anyways, during foreplay, i did play with her nipples with my mouth. Could it be an infection? No, I didn't bite.

Another thing is, her bras are really weird. Her breasts usually fall out of them. Last thing. She's quite bad at handling cold weather. She gets cold really quickly and her entire body goes goosebumpy. Could this have anything to do with it? And there is no discharge or discoloration. The nipples and the area around them don't even look any different than normal, besides being erect.