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I have been using supasweet to sweeten my drinks andin the sweetner there is stearic acid and silicon dioxide. are there any side affects .


Have there been any long term studies done?  Probably not.   Chronic Fatigue? Fibromyalgia?  Maybe.  Can't digest it, I believe - as far as the silicon dioxide goes.  Gets trapped in tissues.  Takes awhile for this to happen in some, or so I have read.

Why take a chance with your health?  Have you researched them?  I would. The good and the BAD.  The good is it is cheap for the makers.  And only if a major number of people have extreme reactions - will any study be done.  Until then, you are on your own.  I wouldn't wait for a study or a group of people to find YES, it is BAD for humans.

There are other choices. Healthier.  You can get used to them within a couple of weeks.  Xylitol - keep away from animals.  Organic Leaf stevia - just a little and it is great!  No blood sugar spikes.  Etc.  As for the sweeteners. 

As for the silicon dioxide.  The government generally recognizes it as safe.  *Not sure what that means.  In food?  In paint?

Why risk your health?  It's all you got and you can't take pills to go back in time to fix.  No corn or derivatives. No soy. No canola. No dyes. No ingredients that offer NOTHING to health.  No chemicals.  No Laboratory stuff--killer pesticides and fertilizers.