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Good day all,

I was wondering, can any of you tell me what is the meaning of five factor in 5 – factor diet? I know a lot about this diet, because I have followed her as well, but I was always wondering what this five factors means?

So, do you know anything about this? Are you familiar with this, because I am not, and I really do like this diet, the most important thing is that this one is effective :)

Share your opinion with me, if you know this, of course :) I can’t find this online, and I want to know about it :)

Have a nice day!

Thank you! 


Good afternoon,

Well, I am sure that you know that, but you never think about it as well.

It means that you need to have all five must – have food groups, such as protein (white eggs, fish, lean meats, fat – free dairy), carbos (vegetables, potato, wild rice), fiber, healthy fats (from fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, or olive oil, sunflower oil…) and sugar – free drinks (such as water, sugar – free soda, coffee, tea).

I believe that is it, that that is the main meaning of five factors in 5 – factor diet. Maybe I am wrong, if I am, feel free to tell me that.




Good day girls,

Yes, that is correct! That is the main meaning of five factors in 5 – factor diet. So, in each meal, every day in a week, you need to have meals that contains those five factors – protein, fiber, carbs, healthy fats, sugar – free ingredients. Of course, if you want that your coffee or tea be sweet, use some natural sweeteners, such as stevia or something like this.

This is the main meaning, no much logic, right?

That is why this diet is effective. You can cheat on Sunday, but my recommendation is to do that until 4 PM.

Good luck! 



Hey there folks,

So that is it :) I know I found that on the internet as well, but I was not so sure :) So, fiber, proteins, healthy fats, carbs and sugar – free ingredients :) It is so simple! I should know that, but I was never thinking about it.

Thank you for telling me this. I know about that stevia, and I know that is healthy, so I am going to buy this one. And, chocolate and junk food just on Sunday? No problem!

Thank you for sharing this with me, your comments are really helpful! Thank you!