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I've had some side discomfort - not constant - but enough to note it was happening and some shortness of breath. My discomfort is below the bottom part of my ribs. I'm 24 - just quit smoking after 5 years (no more than 3-8 per day). What could be the causes of this? Could this be caused from stress or anxiety?(Under a lot lately) Thanks.


Apparently this is very common! I've also quit smoking and experienced the same symptoms. The bottom of my rib cage hurt for about a week after I quit. Now I have a sore throat and an itchy lung which after reading a few posts on this sight is also common. After so many years of abuse, it probably doesn't feel great as our organs heal!

The only other thing I know of to hurt the bottom of the rib cage is overwork or stress. You can easily get tendinitis in your ribs if working the abs too hard.