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Acquires green tea is very popular if you add green tea to your diet will boost your immune health and speeds up the metabolism, and slow down aging, and you lose excess weight.

The drank two cups to four cups of green tea a day, will help you in the loss of nearly 3 kilograms of weight, and the burning of fat in two weeks, if you do not like loving green tea, Our advice to eat supplements green tea, or even chewing paper green tea, after fermented, but remember that drinking a cup of green tea a day will give you a sufficient amount of water to your body as you can to reach weight loss, effectively.

Tea leaves contain biologically active enzymes, especially as it prevents the absorption of carbohydrates, so that you can pass on your system easily, without a negative impact on your body.


Also check out Yerba Mate tea, I believe it's much more effective for loosing weight and having more energy and focus. Really good stuff!