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If you are faced with an eight hour day, you may find yourself needing a midmorning pick-me-up or an afternoon snack to get you through. Before you head for the vending machine and load up on empty calorie junk, try some of these healthy alternatives.
Your making your kids lunch anyway, why not pack yourself a healthy office snack alternative? Maybe you find yourself stark-raving hungry at around 10 a.m. or perhaps your snack time falls around 3 pm. Snacking is part of a healthy meal plan so take your snacking seriously. You can actually lose weight by eating smaller meals more frequently.

Avoid loading up on huge lunches and instead, go for healthy snack choices that will enhance your energy level and keep your mind sharp. You will be better able to focus on your work tasks and burn off extra calories with the metabolism boost you will get from healthy snacking. Whatever your diet plan may be, make sure you have some tasty treats available and make the healthy choice at snack time.

1. Awesome Ants on a Log

Not just fun for the kids, your coworkers and friends will get a kick out of these as well. The classic version involves celery sticks, cream cheese or peanut butter, and raisins on top. You can make variations of these by substituting carrots or pepper sticks and topping with cream cheese and nuts. If you prefer, you can go for sliced pita bread sticks, almond butter, and raisins. What’s more, if you only eat 3 or 4 of these, you can keep your calorie count to less than 200.

2. Stimulating Stuffed Sweet Potato

One of the most delicious snack alternatives is the sweet potato. A great way to get your protein is to stuff it with tuna for a balance of nutrients. Sweet potatoes are a great source of dietary fiber, too, making this once perfect choice for a midafternoon office snack.

3. The Hard Cold Facts about Hard Boiled Eggs

If you want the ideal office snack that will provide you less than 200 calories, go for a couple of hard boiled eggs. Each egg is packed with six grams of protein, making this healthy alternative a power food. What’s more, it’s nutritious and delicious. If you prefer, devil that egg by adding mayonnaise, mustard, and pickle relish to the yolk.

4. Choose Cheese Sticks

String cheese is surprisingly high in protein, making it a perfect choice for a healthy office snack. If you prefer, cut up some cheddar or slice up some Swiss. Pack this treat to work and when you feel your stomach rumbling midmorning, take out this treat and chow down.

5. Treat Yourself to Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great healthy snack and you can make your own or buy one already prepared. Simply add mixed nuts to Chex cereal, toss in some raisins or other dried fruit, and you have yourself a low fat, filling office snack. Most store brands have less than 200 calories for each ¼ cup of trail mix making it not only delicious, but healthy for you too.
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