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I am a real coffee addict but my doctor told me it is better to give it up, because of my hypertension. It's gonna be tough for me, that is for sure. I am on about 10 cups of coffee a day at the moment. I have heard that some people go through terrible withdrawal when they give up caffeine. What are some of the side effects that I should prepare for?


10 cups of coffee a day is huge!

Try weaning yourself down one cup at a time to avoid most of the withdrawals. Cut out a cup right away. Four or five days later, go down another cup, etc until you've whittled it down.

If you feel like you need those missing cups, try having your favorite herbal tea instead. Hopefully that will help.

Have you tried decaf? -- I'm allergic to caffeine, so once in a while I'll do that for the phsycoligical lift when I'm struggling to get started. Otherwise I drink ice water or tea - usually.

Whatever you do, don't switch over to soda -- just new demons for your body.

Be Healthy,