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I quit smoking three months ago. I quit smoking with the help of nicorette gum, and I although I don't seem to crave cigarettes any more, I seem to reach for my handbag and reach for my nicorette gum instead now. It is as if I need more every week. And I have become addicted to nicorette gum instead of smoking now. Is this normal? Is this a side effect of using nicorette gum? It is costing me more than the whole smoking habit did and it can't be healthy either. Maybe I'll get cancer of the tongue instead of cancer of the lung now :-).


Hi eydie,

I just quite earlier this week and am using nicorette gum. I did some research and it is quite normal to get hooked on the gum as it is still nicotine. So it is very important you fallow the directions about cutting down on the amount you chew every couple of weeks. How much gum do you chew a day? Did you fallow the directions on the 4 step process?

Given that I am also worried about getting stuck on the gum.

Here is a good site on how to quite nicorette gum. I read through it and it sounds quite helpful. I'm planning on following it as I start weaning my self off the gum over the next month or two.

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