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I happen to like eating sweet challa or supari bread. Since I'm diabetic what does this mean for my diabetes. I absolutely enjoy bread and I know its not a good thing for diabetics. I have heard that there are some bread recipes that are available specifically for people that have diabetes. Is it sufficient to cut back on your bread portions or can the bread be made without any sugar or very little sugar. What about sugar substitutes? I'm really not sure what to do here and I don't want to give up on bread altogether. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks.


I am a big fan of bread including white breads like hard crusted French bread and the like. I don't eat these often but I treat myself once in a while. Challa or supari is generally made with white flour and that's the problem, just like my French bread. I imagine if you use whole wheat flour that would reduce the carb levels and of course you could leave out the sugar as well. But, I guess it just wouldn't be Challa or supari anymore. There are some white flours that are whole grain and you might try that. Otherwise, I would save challa or supari for special occasions and eat small portions of it. You can still have bread just eat small amounts of it. One slice shouldn't do you any harm. As far as sweet breads go, I would stay away from them. I don't particularly like using sugar substitutes so I would forgo that but of course that is entirely up to you. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to give up bread all together and I don't see why one thin slice a day would hurt you. I don't know if that was helpful but I hope so.