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Hi, this is my first time posting and after alot of research i have no clue what to do but ask now....My Girlfriend just got what she thinks is her period. we are sexually active and i did use a condom....but we changed it twice...a few times during sex.I did not ejaculate in her but rather on her and made sure it was away from her vagina...and i wiped it away untill it was dry and then we used soap to clean that area again. Now....the thing is that....the first day of her last period was on June 14, 2006. Around July 9,2006 she told me that she was feeling like she was gonna have her period. I believe thats when she felt that her breasts were sore. Which she tells me is a sign that she was getting her period. She in the end didnt get her period. However, on July 13,2006...she got what she believed to be a Period...but she told me that it was light. She called me today July 14,2006 and told me that it only lasted till the night of July 13.2006 and that her pad was white with no blood....

Her other periods were on the dates
April 12,2006
May 10,2006
and then June 14,2006

...please...anyone....I really hope that she is not pregnant...or maybe im over reacting....she is going on vacation soon and the reason i ask my question here is because i don't want to alarm her. She isn't aware of the signs of pregnancy...and she is going on vacation soon...i don't want to worry her before she leaves...i'm really lost on what to do....

Thank you very much


edit= the day we had sex was on June 23,2006. Her period of June ended on the 19th of june


Hi and sorry you are worried. I think it would be very very difficult to become pregnant that way, after all you used a condom, did not ejaculate inside her and just on her. but sometimes when someone has a light period and they are pregnant it is implanton bleeding, Which it might be (and l just say might!!)

You sound like a lovely caring partner, as you said you dont want to worry your girlfriend, but Rather than worry, as im sure you both need to know for absolutely sure .

I would suggest you both get a home pregnancy kit and do the test, just to make absolutely sure.

I hope she is telling you the truth about the length of the period. I suggest also , as you admitted you are both sexually active, that for the future maybe she should find some contraception, rather than just condoms, just to be absolutely sure.