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I had all four wisdom teeth removed November 2009.
I was warned by my surgeon about the sinus complications, not to blow my nose etc so the sinus's can heal due to the holes from the top wisdom teeth.

It's four months on and every so often I have a sour, off smell coming from my right sinus mainly that lingers for 5-10 minutes, followed by green mucus that you commonly get when you have the flu. Sometimes I would cough this up.

What should I do? Do I have an infection? Do I need surgery? Who should I consult? :$


I have the same problem.i pulled an upper molar a month ago and the dentist told me not to blow my nose but i did and now the blood cloth is removed and i have a hole where the tooth was and every time i rinse my mouth with listerine it comes out of my nose.and i have a lot of mucus every single day with this funny taste and smell.i guess i have to go and get the hole stiched again.any help?