I am 15 and 6 days ago i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed,none of them had formed anything more than superficial roots so i have no hole in my gum, just stitches. The pain was managable with the prescribed pain medications and as far as i can figure everything is going fine. After the surgery the inside of my cheecks were very swollen and bruised and i was unable to bite down, it wasnt untill the 2nd day after the surgery that i was able to fully close my mouth. As the week progressed the swelling went down and the discoloration aswell. But it always hurt to bite down. Now the sides of my cheeks look like they have been bitten, though i never applied enough pressure to cause that. The back of my cheeks near the extraction site are swollen so i cant see the stitches and i sometimes accidentaly bite them, is that normal? Also the ar ewhere my wisdom teeth normally would have come through on the left side of my mouth is very tender, it hurts to the touch and hurts if liquid hits is, though the pain wane sand then comes back. Is this also normal?